Upcoming Event “The Costume Ball”

An event tailored around the tasteful theme of dark with class, a ghoulish yet raised pinky finger as you sip Riesling from crystal stemware. Victorian rooftops and lace decked gowns; crows fleeing the footsteps of spectral hosts wishing to make the event so alluring that the guests never get a chance to leave.

If you wants to learn more from this event, check out The Ego Co. Blog

PS. Designers applications are still open till oct. 15th.

Opens October 24, 2012 at 12pm (noon) SLT – November 1, 2012 at 12am (midnight) SLT.

Confirmed Designers:

Al Vulo
Alice Project
Cheeky Pea
Cracked Mirror
Label Motion
Pink Fuel
Purple Poses
.R o T t E n D e F i A n C E.
Senzafine – Curiosities & Accoutrements
Valentina E.
/Wasabi Pills/
Happy Undead

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