Ft. GFW Event

TP to Jersey Shore

Ahhh full of color.. 🙂  Today (like every Wednesday lol) is taking place the GFW event @ Jersey Shore.

Also Filthy just release a NEW skin called “Ayla” with 4 tones and 8 makeup options. Filthy is also hosting a Easter special sale!!

TP to Filthy

TP to Jersey Shore

Skin: Filthy –  Ayla (tan 06) -new-

Hair: !lamb – Brand New Lover (refreshed blondes)

Dress: [ECHO] – Intermezzo Dress Black.Pink (pants included)(mesh) GFW

Shoes: AV!SAGE – Stud pumps (b/p)

Tattoo: Tenjin – Every rose has it thor GFW

Makeup: PIDDLE – Lip Color Imma Diva Collection Matter Princess Rehab



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